Friday, December 18, 2009

A Very Merry Digital Christmas!

What a year it's been! MP3 turned 1, the Kidlet 8! MP3 started the year crawling and is going to end it at a sprint (which will probably end with his head bouncing off a piece of furniture, but that's okay).

The Kidlet started 3rd grade this year! Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday she was starting Kindergarten. And MP3! It's amazing how fast he's gone from infant to toddler. His vocabulary expands daily...although it does seem to be mostly Spongebob related lately (his newest words include "patty" and he like to sing along with the "Best Day Ever" episode). I'm not sure how many toddlers have a Spongebob addiction. Ours may be the only one, I suppose.

I can't think of a single complaint this year (except money, and who among us isn't complaining about the lack of that?). Speaking of which....

Since my bank seems to not like it when my account balance begins with a "-" I thought that this year our Christmas card shall be digital. And free. The important part is that it is free. Being digital is just a side effect of the whole "being free" thing. I'd love to send all of you a nice card to hold in your hand and put on your shelf, but this is going to be it I'm afraid. Sorry.

However, if I sent an actaul card you would get just a few images, or maybe only one...this way you get a short "Year in Review" from us with a couple dozen pics! Bonus! And music! Are you lucky or what? So.....

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1 comment:

The Crazy Purple Wombat said...

Boo! I can't see it! I have a 2001 computer without the latest flash player, & it's slow & I don't have 'admin rights' to upload the latest version, anyway... but I bet it is gorgeous & I will return to view it when I have an upgrade!!

So glad you're happy! Money isn't everything - though it would always be nice to have more!!!

Love & hugs, CPW (Magda) x x x